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In the News: The AIM-ASD principal investigators are prominent voices in autism research around the country and are frequently called upon to share their expertise. Included below are articles, media coverage, and videos of our expert PIs spreading important information about the latest topics in autism research.


  Personalized approach may usher in new era in autism therapy
  Adaptive Intervention to Improve Language Skills in Children with Autism
  SFARI: “Study of nonverbal autism must go beyond words, experts say”
  News in Health: “Uncovering Clues to a Complicated Condition”
  I Care4 Autism: “Looking at the Whole Child for Identification & Intervention of Autism Symptoms”
  Advance Healthcare Networks: “Parents as Interveners: Does training parents to be a child's primary language facilitator work?”
  Vanderbilt University: “Language intervention grants target children with autism”
  Harvard University: “Q+A with Autism Expert Catherine Lord”
  SFARI Guest Blog: “Guest blog: Optimal outcome”
  Huffington Post: “Ending Fear Over the New Autism Diagnosis”
  Autism Speaks: “Peer Training Outperforms Traditional Autism Interventions”

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